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      Welcome to Xiamen Changjiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
      (0086)592 3130690

      (0086)592 3130690

      Tel : (0086)592 3130690

      IT Solution

      IT Solution

            Our IT department is not limited to providing only hardware support, but also provides customers with comprehensive IT solutions including custom system development, process design optimization, and on-site technical support. According to their individual needs, our IT team has the ability to build exclusive database management platforms, maintain and manage servers and operating systems. Provide professional technical support in network equipment and network management.

           Our company maintains a professional IT team within which there are a number of highly experienced senior IT development engineers who are capable to personalize and customize the exclusive ERP system, including supply chain management (SCM), product structure, market strategy, management mode of different enterprises, financial management, manufacturing management, inventory management, plant and equipment maintenance, human resources, reporting, manufacturing execution system (MES), workflow services and enterprise information systems, etc. which allows our customers to choose one or a Combination of multiple modules.




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