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        Welcome to Xiamen Changjiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
        (0086)592 3130690

        (0086)592 3130690

        Tel : (0086)592 3130690

        HUB/Part Management

        Warehousing and Logistics Services

               Our company provides supply chain management services, including planning, procurement, warehousing, value-added services and efficient logistics services. Safe, precise and efficient warehousing management adapted to customer's personalized requirements, at the same time providing customers with high-quality supply chain processes.

               Utilizing information technology, our warehousing and logistics services use advanced technical equipment such as AGV carts and RFID radio frequency technology to build multiple product automated receiving lines which are able to improve the visualization and intelligence of warehousing, thereby reducing labor costs and realizing effective use of resources.

             Within warehousing and logistics, our company can provide diversified value-added services such as server configuration, desktop assembly and testing services, server rental services, and exhibition support.







                                               ROD Storage                                                                                      

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