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      Welcome to Xiamen Changjiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
      (0086)592 3130690

      (0086)592 3130690

      Tel : (0086)592 3130690

      Social Responsibility

      Turning Waste into Gold

                                                                         --- Changjiang Electronic Voluntarily Repair Activity

           Xiamen Changjiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. adheres the mission of turning waste into gold for every electronic product. The original intention of striving to be the guardian of sustainable development. On the 59th anniversary of "learning from Comrade Lei Feng", at the invitation of Xianglu phase I Party branch of Xianglu community in Huli District, we actively organized a number of engineers to go to Xianglu Flower City Phase I for volunteer activities.

                        In just 2 hours period, all kinds of waste household appliances, including rice cooker, egg steamer, humidifier,pressure                                    cooker, electronic organ, foot basin, and razor and so on, were restored back to life. The professional technology of the                                    engineers won the  praise of the surrounding people!

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