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      Social Responsibility

      “Donating blood" charity event

      In order to actively respond to the charity activity of "Donating blood to help others and protecting lives" jointly organized by the Party Committee of the Industrial Park of the Torch High-tech Zone and the Investment Service Center Co., Ltd. of Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone, Changjiang Electronics organized employees to carry out a loving blood donation activity. Volunteers came to Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone early to wait to give blood donation.


      What can we do under the epidemic?It's cold in the winter, what gives us warmth?It is the figure waiting for blood donation in the cold winter, and the enthusiasm to roll up the cuffs when needed. Changjiang Electronics has always adhered to the corporate responsibility of "gathering together and giving back to the society". The company leaders attach great importance to voluntary blood donation activities, make unified arrangements, and mobilize employees to actively participate. On the eve of blood donation, Comrade Fu Haiyan, secretary of the Party branch of Changjiang Electronics, called blood donation volunteers to inform them about blood donation precautions. At the blood donation site, Comrade Fu Haiyan said: “A pack of plasma is a little hope for life. Under the call of the unit, volunteers actively participated and gave their love. Some comrades who failed the blood test expressed regret.” Comrade Li Maolong from the PSU department donated 400 ml in this blood donation event. Volunteers of Changjiang Electronics voluntary blood donation practice the dedication spirit of "Little love has no trace, big love has no boundaries".

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