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      Welcome to Xiamen Changjiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
      (0086)592 3130690

      (0086)592 3130690

      Tel : (0086)592 3130690

      Certifications and Awards

      Since its establishment, under the strong support of the government's policy and the purpose of providing first-class services to customers, the company has continuously won the recognition of customers with its solid, excellent technology, efficient management and the spirit of excellence. There are dozens of patent certifications each year.          

        2020: National High-tech Enterprise Center,  Xiamen Enterprise Technology Center, Lenovo's best partner in 2019, two transformation projects of scientific and technological achievements



        2019:Dell Best Innovation Partner Award, Xiamen Science and Technology Giant Leading Enterprise


        2018:  High-tech enterprise certificate, Lenovo strategic supplier, Fujian science and technology small giant leading enterprise, Xiamen science and technology small giant enterprise, Xiamen specialized new small and micro enterprises                        




        2017:Xiamen High-tech Transformation Project Certificate

        2015: Dell Best Global Partner - Quality Award

        2014: Lenovo Best Contribution Repair Partner Award  

        2012: Dell BestPerforming Repair Partner Award 

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